Legacy in the period preceding War of the Spark's release was an exceptionally healthy format with all of the traits we desire to maintain. In short, these traits are:

  1. having a diverse array of playable decks and cards,

  2. strongly rewarding play skill and format knowledge,

  3. promoting highly interactive games with many meaningful decision-points, and

  4. a metagame that was largely self-correcting.

In addition, we wish to make the format as playable as possible, and maintain a unified community as much as possible.

To that end, we are committed to making the minimum number of changes to sustain the dynamism of the format. Until sufficient data is available, no changes will be undertaken.

The Council

The health of a format depends on its leadership. Leadership must be responsible for considering the input and desires of the community, the evidence of data, and their own knowledge and expertise before making any decisions that will affect the format or the community.

As such, we have endeavored to put together a council that can assure the long-term success of Pre-WAR Legacy. Our goal is that the council:

  1. Be trustworthy to make fair and reasonable decisions.

  2. Represent both focused and casual Legacy players.

  3. Represent a diverse array of deck preferences.

The following individuals currently comprise the council, and more are expected to be added in the coming days.